IBV 2.0 Creditbook 2023-11-29

IBV 2.0

What’s new?

Expanded Data Sources:

Our latest IBV version is now aggregating data from multiple providers, including Inverite and Flinks, with more providers on the horizon. While banks may encounter service issues leading to data processing errors for providers, our diversified approach minimizes retrieval delays during outages by fetching data from various sources. This ensures a more robust and reliable data collection process for your clients.

Improved User Interface

We’ve revamped the user interface to make IBV readings more intuitive and user-friendly. Our updated interface offers an array of tools and features that make it easier to filter and interpret different types of transactions, allowing for a more efficient and organized experience. Checkout the new features below.

Fresh Interface Design

We’ve revamped the presentation of your client details for enhanced readability in reports. These modifications streamline the reading experience, facilitating more effective handling and analysis by your agents.

IBV 2.0
IBV 2.0

Streamlined Filtering

Efficiently categorize transactions by type to achieve a clearer perspective when searching for specific transaction categories. Simply use the provided filters to select your desired criteria, and the displayed transactions will dynamically adjust to align with your preferences.

Diverse Account Types

Unlock a wealth of data with our latest IBV. Agents can now access additional information from diverse account types, enhancing the depth and breadth of insights available.

IBV 2.0

Continuous Development Initiatives

Our commitment to elevating the IBV product doesn’t stop here. Beyond this initial release, our roadmap outlines a series of upcoming functionalities and refinements to enhance the IBV experience even further. Anticipate more exciting updates in the near future.

These enhancements mark a significant stride toward making IBV a more versatile and potent tool for accessing and analyzing banking information. Your experience is our priority, and we believe these improvements signify a substantial leap in that direction. Stay connected for a journey of continuous improvement with IBV.