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We protect you against potential losses and frauds

Make wise and strategic decisions on risk management to avoid fraud.


Creditbook is a company specialized in risk management for lenders

We put Technology at the core of our business in helping you minimize your risk. CreditBook provides you with tools and information.

Only pay when
you have results!


Creditbook Check Alternative Database

Whether you are an affiliated lender or not, you will have access to a centralized and shared database, updated in real time. You will find all alternative loans requested by individuals, whether they have been granted or not.


Instant Bank Verification

Connect instantly and transparently to loan applicants’ bank accounts. Analyze their financial situation and assess the risks associated with each applicant using our easy-to-read transaction system.

Turnkey Loan Management

Maximize your profits, reduce your workforce, and automate the management of your business. SLOAN will ease your loan application process and automate manual tasks for your lending business.

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Creditbook, approved agency. Member of the Association of Micro-lenders and of the Canadian LendersAssociation. Approved by the Consumer Protection Office.
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